Law Enforcement

Using Technology to Fight Crime

An intuitive monitoring application with new display options, reporting, “bread-crumbing”, and encrypted data forwarding capabilities, VantagePoint provides vital information to law enforcement to aid in recovery of stolen assets and criminal litigation. Our technology has successfully been used in operations involving illicit drugs and property theft resulting in major arrests and convictions.


  • Responds with extreme accuracy in various illegal trafficking conditions
  • Is equipped with powerful battery management controls, allowing crime networks to be monitored covertly over extended periods of time
  • Is discretely compact with cleverly disguised bait packaging – hidden from even the most seasoned criminal
  • Provides the latest in encrypted “bread-crumbing” technology
  • Compiles time-stamped historical tracking data, placing the suspect at the scene of the crime to be used as evidence in court

Shipping & Transportation

Track your assets in shipping

Globally coordinating the logistics of high-value assets between countries can be expensive if your delivery has stalled at customs or been lost in transport. Our product line of global tracking devices are optimized for constant movement. No matter your shipment’s destination, you can view all your packages simultaneously on one screen. Our global shipping trackers are perfect for coordinating logistics of multiple high-valued components to recover the assets that are lost or stolen in transport.

Designed to meet the needs of international shipping, global couriers, on-line sales, distribution and wholesale industries, we make transportation logistics simple and extremely cost-effective.


  • Helps plan logistics in shipping by coordinating time sensitive delivery
  • Provides reliable tracking under harsh environmental conditions
  • Ensures good coverage in remote areas
  • Has global functionality with fluid communication while crossing borders
  • Consists of durable hardware with exceptional battery life
  • Allows movement analysis of your transport corridors by reviewing the time-stamped GPS history
  • Deters employee theft

mobile workforce

Protect your employees & equipment

Employees using equipment in remote locations can sometimes be exposed to unsafe work conditions. Monitoring the exact locations and real-time movement of your mobile workforce will complement your safety management policies and significantly improve your staffing logistics. The loss of equipment through theft can disrupt your staff’s ability to complete their work, resulting in high replacement costs and loss of productivity. Our personal tracking technology is designed with safety applications to monitor the movement of your staff and can protect your equipment when left unattended.

Suitable for professionals working in remote locations in the field of forestry, highway engineering, wildlife conservation, oil & gas, construction & heavy machinery equipment rental.


  • Monitor your entire mobile workforce in the hundreds, simultaneously or individually to complement your employee check-in procedures
  • Globally coordinate effective deployment of workers
  • Helps coordinate targeted Search & Rescue missions if employees fail to return
  • Historic GPS data is never lost, even if the tracking device is destroyed or loses power
  • Shows last known GPS coordinates of an unresponsive worker enabling Search & Rescue to minimize search area and time
  • Activates VHF beacon transmitter to pinpoint their exact location
  • Will notify worker with alerts if unattended expensive equipment is tampered with or removed from a defined area
  • Long battery life allows equipment to be left unattended for extended periods of time in remote locations


Protect your Merchandise

Merchandise on display in store-fronts, showcases, and warehouses are the biggest targets in retail industry-related thefts. Protect your stationary assets by planting one of our tracking devices into your inventory. These highly sensitive devices are optimized for display situations. Any significant movement will send alerts.

VP Trackers are suitable for jewellery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, high-value inventory, and anywhere that product is vulnerable to theft.


  • Is responsive and accurate, with a simple computerized tracking interface
  • Ensures quick response from authorities
  • Allows you to leave products for extended periods
  • Is low maintenance, with little to no training for retail staff

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