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All satellite information is transmitted through encrypted data protocols to pinpoint the location, trajectory, and velocity of the subject you are tracking. VantagePoint allows the user to spatially view and control various functions on the tracker. While displaying the exact location of the tracker’s whereabouts, our software VantagePoint operates on any browser or smartphone. Our wireless service partner is an international carrier. There are no roaming costs and communication while crossing boarders remains fluid. Our complete tracking system makes us the most robust, versatile, cost-effective, and advanced technology on the planet.


Our customizable tracking devices are designed to be deployed seamlessly on the target. Choose from our line of existing applications or have our design team customize the tracker.





Use a VantagePoint account on any computer or smartphone to view the location of the real-time tracking device. Remotely set a perimeter alert knowing that the smartphone will receive a text message when the device has left the perimeter zone, to enable an immediate response. Tracker location data is encrypted to ensure that the tracking information is only accessible to authorized persons.



With the ability to track the pinpoint location of the device in real-time, the target is found quickly and easily. Regardless of having cellular or satellite connection, our technology enables law enforcement agencies to utilize proprietary VHF beacon antennas on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), to locate the target with unparalleled accuracy, thereby enhancing suspect apprehension.


New Enhanced Features & Capabilities Include


New power saver mode dramatically extends battery life, enabling select batteries to last up to 1.5 years
on a single charge. This is up to 300% longer than the competition.


Now compatible with state-of-the-art VHF radio beacon antenna and receiver developed by Loen Engineering Inc. for use by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This will allow law enforcement agencies to utilize drone technology to track and locate EyeSpy tracking devices with unprecedented effectiveness.


Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) data allows users to encrypt individual tracking devices which means the encryption key chosen by the user never passes through the EyeSpy servers. All device location data is locked when stored on our servers or transmitted over the networks, and only unlocked at the browser level when the user enters their key on VantagePoint.


Wireless charging capabilities available for a variety of stock and custom devices, including bait novelty packaging and embedded sensors that are ideal for covert tracking and other specialty use. Added benefits of being dust and water proof makes our technology robust, durable, and ideal for just about any situation.